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Standard Arabic (or Modern Standard Arabic/MSA) is the official language of all arab countries. It is the language used in the official media, newspapers, books .. etc. Therefore, MSA is understood by all Arab educated people. It will sound different for them though since every country has its own dialect. For more information about standard Arabic, click here.

Here in ArEg we have been involved in teaching Arabic as foreign language for years, we have developed resources and presentation methods to make the learning as efficient and convenient as possible, the following sections will guide your through our resources.

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Learn Arabic with Audio Courses

Click the headphones icon on the left menu, you will find audio courses sorted by difficulty in ascending order. Taking an audio course just requires you to register in the course, and visit the course page every day until the course is done. This is a great way to learn new phrases and words slowly and even memorize them, because they are repeated over until they are part or your repertoire. You can always re-take the same course if you feel you start to forget the phrases.

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Learn Arabic with Dictionary and Booklets

Ever audio course is accompanied by a booklet which lists all phrases learned in the course, you can access printable versions of the booklets by clicking the books icon on the left. You can also browse through the dictionary (the yellow book icon) which lists all phrases in all courses.


Learn Arabic with Subtitled Multimedia

A great way to dive into the culture and langauge is to watch films, songs with subtitles, click on the video tape icon on the left to view our collection of subtitled movies.


Learn Arabic with Educational Games

To practice what you learn from audio courses, booklets, you use our educational games, click on the joystick icon on the left. Games provide an interactive and stimulating environment to learn new items or recall things you have already learned. It is particularly useful to learn the alphabet using games, since  learning Arabic  alphabet is usually the most challenging part of the learning that blocks many good prospects when they have hardly started.

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