Hi , I am Mohamed "أهلاّ، أنا محمد"

In this lesson, you will learn simple words and how to introduce yourself in Arabic. First, very simple words are introduced :
English Arabic Pronouncation
Hi ahlAN ahlan
Welcome marHabAN marHaban
Bye (literaly means: peace) salaam salaam
Yes na3am na'am
No laa laa
Thanks SHokrAN shokran
Not at all 3af_wAN afwan
sorry aasef aasef
Now, we want to say the simple phrase (I am Mohammed). We should first mention an important note :
in Arabic ,and Egyptian, if the phrase doesn't contain a verb, the verb (to be) is assumed. So the verb (to be) is almost always omitted. Example : (I am Mohamed) will be in Arabic written like ( I Mohamed ) using the Arabic corresponding translation of each word. Similarly, ( You are Maryam ) will be ( You Maryam), and so on.
Now, the only thing we miss to write the phrase is the translation of (I = ana ), so the phrase will be : (ana Mohamed)
More words are listed below :
English Arabic Pronouncation
I anaa anaa
You (m.) anta anta
You (f.) ante ante
You (pl.) antom antom
He howa howa
She heya heya
They hom hom
We naHno naHno
The lesson now is done, you can understand the following conversation (it may look short and quite silly, but it's just for explaining :) :
Mohamed : ahlan, anti Jean ?
Maryam : la, ana Maryam.
Mohamed : aasif. ana Mohamed.
Maryam : anta Mohamed ? ahlan !
Mohamed : naam, shokran.
Maryam : afwan, salam.
Mohamed : salam.