I drink coffee "أنا بأشرب قهوة"

In this lesson, we are going to learn about verbs, the present tense particularly. Verbs in Egyptian language have three different forms. These are Present, Past and Imperative. A typical practice is to memorize the three forms of each verb.

Now we will focus on the present form/tense. Like in French, German and many other languages, the verb changes according to the subject. The pattern most verbs follow in the present tense is demonstrated in the following examples (notice the letters written in red):

ye--SHrab    yeshrab   (Drink)
anaa baaSHrab anaa bashrab    (I drink)
enta bete--SHrab enta beteshrab    (You drink (m.))
ente bete--SHrab--ee ente beteshrabee    (You drink (f.))
entoo bete--SHrab--oo entoo beteshraboo    (You drink (pl.))
howwa beye--SHrab howwa beyeshrab    (He drinks)
heyya bete--SHrab heyya beteshrab    (She drinks)
homma beye--SHrab--oo homma beyeshraboo    (They drink (pl.))
eHnaa bene--SHrab eHnaa beneshrab    (we drink)

The following verbs follow the same pattern shown above :

ya'kol ya'kol Eat
ye3mel ye'mel Do
yekoon yekoon Be
yerooH yerooH Go
yeegee yeegee Come
yemSHee yemshee Walk
yoqaf yo'af Stand up/Stop
yoq3od yo''od Sit
yetakallem yetakallem Speak/Talk
yoskot yoskot Stop talking
yezoor yezoor Visit
yedres yedres Study

Some new words are presented here to help exemplifying the use of verbs:

le- le To
fee fee In
3alE aala On
3an aan About
alqahwat> el-'ahwah The coffee
albayt el-bait The house
alkorsee el-korsee The chair
almadrasat> el-madrasah The school
alSHaare3 eshsharea The street

Examples of using verbs in the present form/tense:

1-anaa baaSHrab aalqahwat>
anaa baashrab el-'ahwah
I drink coffee
2-ente betrooHee lelmadrasat>
ente betrooHee lelmadrasat
You go to school (f.)
3-howwa beyeegee lelbayt
howwa beyeegee lelbait
He comes to the house
4-entoo betoqafoo fee aalSHaare3
entoo beto'afoo fee eshshaarea
You stand in the street (pl.)
5-heyya betoq3od 3alE aalkorsee
heyya betoaod ala elkorsee
She sits on the chair

This concludes Lesson2, now it is exercise time ;).