you studied in the university? (f.) "درستي فى الجامعة ؟"

In this lesson, we are going to learn about the past form/tense. As mentioned before, verbs in Egyptian language have three forms: Present, Past and Imperative.
Now we will focus on the past form/tense. Like present form, the verb changes according to the subject. The pattern most verbs follow in the past tense is demonstrated in the following example (notice the letters written in red):

SHereb    SHereb   (Drank)
anaa SHereb--t anaa SHerebt    (I drank)
enta SHereb--t enta SHerebt    (You drank(m.))
ente SHereb--tee entee SHerebtee    (You drank(f.))
entom SHereb--too entoo SHerebto    (You drank(pl.))
howwa SHereb howwa SHereb    (He drank)
heyya SHereb--at heyya SHerebat    (She drank)
homma SHereb--oo homma SHereboo    (They drank)
eHnaa SHereb--naa eHnaa SHerebnaa    (We drank)

There are verbs differing a little from that pattern, but we will focus now on the regular verbs. These irregular verbs will be studied later.
The following verbs follow the same pattern shown above :

akal akal Ate
3amal 'amal Did
weqef we'ef Stood/Stopped
qa3ad 'a'ad Sat
etkallem etakallem Talked/Spoke
seket seket Stopped talking
daras daras Studied

There is an important thing to mention here, when the subject is a personal pronoun (I, You, ... etc), it can be omitted because it can be known implicitly from the verb itself ( e.g. in a phrase like "zahabtY ela almadrassah ?", it can be deduced that the phrase is directed to a female from the verb "zahabtY" ). Omitting the subject is valid either in present or in past tense, but in past tense particularly.

Examples of using verbs in the present tense (note that the subject is omitted in these examples):

1-SHerebt alqahwat>
SHerebt el-'ahwah
( I drank coffee)
2-darastee fee algaame3at>
darastee fee al-gaame'ah
You studied in the university (f.)
3-weqeftoo fee aalSHaare3
we'eftoo fee el-shaarea
You stood in the street (pl.)
4-qa3adet 3alE aalkorsee
'a'adet aala el-korsee
She sat on the chair
5-akalnaa aaltofaaH
akalnaa al-tofaaH
We ate apple

That was it with the past form for this lesson, now it is exercise time ;).